The main idea of creation of the company – modernization of separate knots of system of gas supply of the cities, representation of the largest world plants-producers of shutoff valves and delivery of traditional materials for gas supply networks on the CIS markets.

The purpose of the TermoBuilding company is leadership in the market of shut-off valves for gas supply. So our partners are the world’s leading manufacturers in this area – VAG Armaturen (valves and butterfly valves, Germany) and BOEHMER (ball valves, Germany). Years of experience and the quality of the products brought VAG and BOEHMER famous around the world.

As part of the improvement of individual components of the gas supply System, the technical center of the company TermoBuilding is engaged in the development of composite pipes. In the future, these pipes will become an alternative to steel pipes on high-pressure networks (more than 16 ATM.).

It’s no secret that the physical and chemical properties of various materials (polyethylene, PVC, fiberglass, steel, etc.) limit their use in certain conditions.

Combining materials with each other is a difficult task, but its solution allows to expand the range of applications of the final composite product. The disadvantages of one of the materials involved in the merger are compensated by the advantages of the other.

The advantages of the gas company TermoBuilding

TermoBuilding company is a supplier
of traditional material

  • Polietylenowych pipes for gas supply systems;/li>
  • Electric welded fittings;
  • Cast fittings;
  • All-in-one PE connections/steel;
  • Ground inputs.

We are not a manufacturer of these products, but this is our main competitive advantage – independence from the problems of a particular manufacturer (line stops, interruptions in the supply of raw materials, etc.) Before you get into our suppliers, we conduct a thorough control of manufacturing enterprises. Our requirements to manufacturers are as follows:

  • Use only the painted raw materials certified for production of a gas pipe.
  • The absence of the use of secondary raw materials in the production of HDPE pipes for gas supply (it is an informal use, because according to GOST 50838-95 “the use of secondary polyethylene is not allowed”).
  • The presence of a private testing laboratory.
  • Possibility to change the production plan in case of an urgent order.
  • Due to the large volume of products shipped from the factories, we are able to offer the end user a price lower than he can get by asking the factory directly. At the same time, the ability to complete an order at several plants allows us to remain more mobile!