Project Description

All-in-one connection (transition) polyethylene–steel for gas pipeline systems is a product in which a segment of a steel pipe and a segment of a polyethylene gas pipe are hermetically connected.

Po NSPs – stands thus: permanent connection PE steel. This connection of NSPs is intended for use in systems of modern gas pipelines, and represents such product where absolutely hermetically connect with each other a piece of a pipe from qualitative polyethylene and a steel piece of a pipe

Product marking

We sell these products in full accordance with the generally accepted specifications. We modernize and improve constantly quality of sales of our knots intended for installation of systems of gas supply of the cities.

Absolutely all items sold by us, including all-in-one PE/steel connections, must be marked in a special way so that they can be subsequently identified. Such marking contains not only the name of a particular product, but also the name of the manufacturer, as well as the batch number and the date of production of the unit.

Permanent joints polyethylene-steel for pipelines

Scope of NSPs

We sell the production, and they are used in all corners of our country, and not only. Thus, NSPs for modern gas pipelines allow to make on their basis socle gas inputs, and different diameters.

Also, the unit received its application in the so-called “strapping” of gas cabinets, boilers and hydraulic fracturing. NSPs makes it possible to use strong shut-off valves in common polyethylene pipelines. It is also often used as a reliable plug in large trunk and small (village) polyethylene gas pipelines.

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