*BOEHMER valves can withstand a temperature range from -60° C to +280°C

The world-famous company “BOHMER” or in Russian – (“Bemer”), located in Germany, for a long time produces excellent ball valves of the highest quality for modern pipelines of various purposes.

Products are sent to many countries of the world, and are in high demand among consumers, thanks to their reliability and long service life. The high evaluation of these products is evidenced by the fact that one of the largest consumers are such giants as “RUHRGAS”, “SHELL” and other equally well-known companies.

Why are products so popular and in high demand?

It’s very simple – ball valves of this manufacturer have long been recognized as the best in Europe. They are recognized as the latest generation of locking devices, and meet all expectations of consumers 100%!

Therefore, some of the world’s best devices “BOHMER” have much more tangible significant advantages over products of other modern manufacturers. One of the most important and significant advantages: – is that the warranty on these devices is given for as much as 2 years, while a larger number of products, including cranes, many manufacturers – this period is only one year. And the period of continuous operation of such cranes is about 30 years! It should also be noted that during this period, the products do not require any maintenance or prevention.

We offer ball valves of this manufacturer:

    • Crane manufactured by boehmer. Its constant pressure stage: ANSI Class 150 PN 16;
    • Ball valve production boehmer. Pressure stage: ANSI Class 300 PN 25/40;
    • Crane company boehmer. Its constant pressure stage: ANSI Class 600 PN 100;
    • Ball valve production boehmer. Pressure stage: ANSI Class 1500 PN 250;
    • Crane company boehmer. The step of primary pressure: ANSI Class 2500 PN 420.

Demand nodes brand “BOHMER” equipped with a special system for quick and efficient injection of special sealing elements required in possible emergency change in the initial tightness of his special paddle. This gives you the opportunity to make active use on this device up to a certain point, when there is a possibility to suspend the running of the pipeline and quick disassembly of the broken node to its timely repair / possible replacement.

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