Entering the gas pipeline into the living room from the underground gas pipeline is carried out using the ground input. The ground inlet of the gas pipeline is a product based on an all-in-one polyethylene-steel connection, and is intended for the transition from an underground polyethylene gas pipeline to an external or underground steel gas pipeline. Ground gas inlet should provide the shortest and safest way of gas supply to the desired part of the structure.

We offer our customers only high quality, and only reliable ground inputs.

What are the distinctive features of modern socle inputs

Supply of domestic gas of any house is made by gas of low pressure. To provide the input of the pipeline in each accommodation unit comes from a special underground pipeline, use the input ground.

The direction of this input is required to provide the shortest path for the correct flow of gas to the desired part of the house. Also, the distance between all underground utilities, such as: (water supply, home Sewerage; as well as between electric and telephone cables), and the gas pipeline itself is taken into account and observed. Today, the ground input on the rules produced from the land directly outside of the building, so to prevent possible damage or unacceptable cooling pipes (-15 degrees or more), it protects the special case that all the sides closed with special plugs. For modern gas pipelines of different pressure the corresponding inputs are made.

The most common type of applied ground input is L-shaped version. By its design, it is a special steel pipe bent under 90 degrees with an external anti-corrosion layer applied to it.

Quality assurance of our products

Our company offers you to buy a quality ground input at an affordable price right now. Steel base inputs are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of all state standards. Modern equipment for gas supply, which we supply, in a timely manner passed all the required tests, and received the necessary permits from the service of environmental, technical and nuclear supervision.

Our company is an exclusive supplier of high-quality and long-lasting gas socle inputs. Recently, the demand for them has increased significantly due to the fact that they have established themselves as the most reliable and secure connections.

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