Vag eco plus gas valves are shut-off devices that block the passage of the working medium entering the pipe. The medium can be gaseous, aqueous or chemical. Nodes are controlled by electric drive or manually.

So, what are these diverse products?

These products are used to create pipeline systems of modern reliable polyethylene. Also sometimes they are called HDPE fittings, from the fact that they are made of high quality resistant p/e low pressure.

Such nodes are used both in urban communications and for the construction of grandiose gas pipelines. This product has quite extensive range.

It should be noted that quite often and successfully such products are used in many water and some drainage systems, but most often in systems designed for the effective transportation of liquid or gaseous substances.

They easily allow you to get a particularly reliable and durable mount, and completely without the use of special equipment or too complex welding.

The variety of parts, called fittings, is simply amazing:

  • Clutch without stop;
  • Clutch plug;
  • Reduction clutch;
  • Repair pad;
  • Tees;
  • Pipe-lining;
  • And many others.

Almost all of the above items we are constantly available. These products can be divided into 3 main types:

  • electric products with special embedded elements;
  • cast elements (or “Spigot”) are used with both gas and water quality polyethylene pipes;
  • compression fittings (also called crimp fittings) are used exclusively with water p/e pipes.

We also offer:
Gas gate valves, steel
VAG butterfly valves