These cranes operate in a temperature range from-60° C to + 280°C. Among all European manufacturers of valves, BOHMER is considered to be out of competition. Products are in demand from customers, are supplied to all continents and are of standard quality. The company’s products are recognizable by two indicators-reliability and long service life. Such corporations as shell and Ruhrgas complete their pipelines and gas compressor stations with Bohmer coupling cranes

Coupling cranes for gas of the German producer BOHMER deservedly recognize the best in Europe. The advantages of the coupling of the cranes are as follows:

  1. Long service life of the unit.
  2. The cranes are completely sealed.
  3. Due to the simplicity of the design, the products are extremely reliable.
  4. do not require preventive and other maintenance.
  5. Can be installed in any plane.

Cranes can be operated without accident for 30 years. All products are completely sealed. A special sealing substance is injected into the structure in the event of an emergency, which increases the tightness of the product at times.

Ball valves of the company have significantly strengthened the original axle bearing support. In special places provided the location of the original self-lubricating bearings that allow the product to function normally at high pressures.

Ball valves are used for installation on pipelines as shut-off equipment. It is used for such media as natural gas, water, steam, self-lubricating liquid. The ball valve is installed in the inner cavity between the seats made of PTFE. Flap for greater strength is compressed by clutch

Ball valves are among the most modern types of shut-off pipeline equipment. However, the design itself has been known for more than a hundred years. Though at that time the tightness of such valves was not too reliable. Everything has changed with the advent of materials such as rubber and PTFE.

During the whole period of operation cranes do not require any prevention or maintenance.