Ball valves for gas flanged work in the temperature range from-60° to + 280°. The flagship in the production of ball valves for gas and other pipelines is considered to be the German manufacturer BOHMER.

Products are of standard quality, have a strong demand from customers and are delivered to all continents. The main trend of products is reliability and long service life. Ball valves for gas company BOHMER has been used by such global corporations as SHELL and RUHRGAS.

Popularity of cranes of the company is explained first of all by high quality, them deservedly recognize the best in Europe. Among all locking devices, they are considered the most innovative, so fully satisfy the demand of consumers.

The main advantages of flange ball valves

– the service life of the products is comparable to the service life of pipelines;
– cranes are as tight as possible;
– cranes are reliable, thanks to simplicity of a design;
– do not require additional maintenance;
– installed in any working position.

The guarantee for products of production of the company makes 24 months, trouble-free operation of cranes for 30 years is also guaranteed. All products of the company are as tight as possible. In the event of an emergency occurs instantaneous injection of the sealing substance, which increases the tightness of the product at times.

The following BOHMER cranes are available

    • Crane manufactured by boehmer. Its constant pressure stage: ANSI Class 150 PN 16p
    • Ball valve production boehmer. Pressure stage: ANSI Class 300 PN 25/40;
    • Crane company boehmer. Its constant pressure stage: ANSI Class 600 PN 100;
    • Ball valve production boehmer. Pressure stage: ANSI Class 1500 PN 250;
    • Crane company boehmer. The step of primary pressure: ANSI Class 2500 PN 420;

During the whole period of operation cranes do not require any prevention or maintenance.