Gas valve-is an element of valves, which is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of various gas equipment. The gas valve can be equipped with a modulation coil, and the gas equipment can be equipped with various kinds of valves. The structure of the valve mounted boilers usually include one drive coil and two locking. Different modulation coils are used for a particular gas valve model. Depending on the characteristics of the gas valve have a different color.

The modulation coil regulates the gas pressure on the burner by adjusting the gas valve flow section. The current on the modulation coil is regulated by the gas equipment control system. The greater the current on the modulation coil, the smaller the flow section in the valve, and hence the pressure in the gas equipment. The solenoid unit consists of two locking coils, the operation of which is duplicated. When you turn on the coil is supplied with alternating current, voltage 220 V. As a rule, in gas valves, the modulation coil is supplied in one housing with locking coils, so when it fails, it is necessary to replace the entire valve.

Rosgas company is engaged in the modernization of individual units of gas supply systems and has representative offices of the largest manufacturers of shut-off equipment, including valves. The cost of the gas valve is largely determined by the model of gas equipment and the brand. The composition of each valve includes a fitting that regulates the gas pressure in the gas equipment, the fitting is structurally located as part of the modulation coil. In order to control the valve has a special control key. This key prevents mechanical damage to the special internal plastic screw.