Easy-to-operate insulating ball valve effectively locks or regulates the flow of the working environment. Popular type of valves used in the operation of all types of pipelines, ranging from housing and finishing as.

Product advantage

  • simple design;
  • low weight;
  • no stagnant zones in the flow part;
  • long service life;
  • easy installation and convenient operation;
  • no hydraulic losses during the passage of the working medium through the open crane.

Due to its functionality, the element is used in different environments, including viscous. On the linear part of the main gas pipelines, the insulating ball valve is the main shut-off device.

Design in conjunction with other technical elements or without:

  • provides high electrical resistance;
  • ensures the tightness;
  • it is the protection of the insulating layer from various external influences.

The unique technology of micro-arc oxidation of the ball valve surface was used in the production of cranes. As a result of the application of this technology, a high-strength, erosion-resistant coating is formed on the surface of the ball, which, in combination with an elastic stable seal, maintains tightness throughout the service life. The products presented on the website were developed taking into account the Russian specifics of pipeline systems.

Company advantages

State institutions, corporations and individuals are regular customers of the company – this is due to the fact that the company is always ready to provide the consumer with a quality product and in the required quantity. The company is not inferior to the best online stores and the capital’s trading platforms and that’s why:

the minimum level of tariffs for the range of products. The company offers to buy products at the lowest price in the city.
fast delivery. In the process of transportation of goods is always involved powerful, in excellent condition equipment.
legal sale of products. There is a complete documentation package.
flexibility to changes that occur in the domestic market. On the insulating ball valve, the price will not rise in the first quarter of 2016 for sure.

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