The use of isolating compounds IP, precluding the possibility of flow of electric discharges between connecting parts of pipelines, gas and oil transport systems, reduces the probability of failure of the instrumentation due to various reasons.

Technical parameters

Is insulating compounds, which are special structures, are reinforced with glass, polymer and basalt fabrics. Adaptations are suitable for installation on sites of the elevated and underground gas pipeline in diameter from 20 to 1400 mm-certificates and permissions of Gosgortekhnadzor testify to it. Operation of is isolating connections is allowed if the operating pressure in the pipeline does not exceed 1.6 MPa. The service life of all-metal compositions of high strength-30 years, the interval of the characteristic temperature regime–50°C.. +80°C.

The company is engaged in realization of is not the first year and offers to buy designs on favorable conditions for you – market value, a guarantee of a product, a convenient form of payment, high level of service of the buyer, delivery to the recipient. The staff of the company has accumulated vast experience in solving various typical tasks of the client. Delivery of products takes place at a professional level-the customer receives the goods in the exact quantity, in the agreed time and place.

Product advantage

Each design, which is in the range, is an additional means of protection of underground pipelines against corrosion. The product, due to its dielectric properties, ensures the safety of service personnel – reduces the risk of electric shock. The use of insulating compounds of IC allows to exclude leakage of protective current in pipeline sections from gas and oil transportation systems, to reduce several times the density of electrochemical protection, to save energy costs.

The products are completely safe and do not have a negative impact on the human body and the environment. IP placement will be considered appropriate if the product is applied to new sections of the gas pipeline or to already operated, but subject to repair.