Project Description

For underground installed fittings – support for the carpet.
Additional fixation for the rod.
Light weight for easy installation.
Body: high strength plastic

Baseplates are mainly used to secure the carpet in the ground. This is necessary because of heavy loads in the case of weak soils or large compressive loads.

Plates come in different sizes, are made of different materials. This base plate serves as a reliable basis for carpets and also serves as an additional lock for the rod used in the design.

The product is made of high-quality high-strength plastic. Its durability and reliability do not cause any doubts. Ease of installation of the product is provided by its low weight.

In our company, Rosgas is advantageous to buy baseplates and other fittings because they are manufactured by one of the best manufacturers – VAG, has all the certificates, and the prices are available for any buyer.