Project Description

In the construction of modern polyethylene pipelines need different branches, as well as bends, various constrictions and transitions for pipes. This is used for butt welding the following items: Sleeve PE100, PE100 Tees, Elbows PE100, SDR 17, SDR 11. Popular functional element molded elongated tee 90 degree equal diameter, PE 100, SDR11.

Also actively used tees ravnoprohodnye and raznoobraznye for a split of the pipeline or the branch.

Also used by various welded fittings. They originally pledged spiral, when heated, which is a fusion fittings couplings, tee or elbows.

Fittings are the elements of the pipeline used to connect its parts. They are used in cases where during the operation of the pipeline it is necessary to make any branch of 90 or 45 degrees, branching from one pipeline to several. Or connect with another pipeline made of another material. For example, to connect a polyethylene pipe with steel, you can use two options: an all-in-one polyethylene-steel (NSPs) connection or a plastic sleeve and a steel flange.