Project Description

Designed for V-valves and VAG rotary valves.
Grey cast iron body.
Corrosion protection: outside epoxy powder coating.

Convenient modern flywheels, steering wheels and various steering wheels in all cases are designed to perform the so-called step switching and precise smooth control, which can be performed with one/ two hands.

The size and shape of these products should be as convenient as possible to capture them during use and management processes. All flywheels must be controlled in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. In this case, the correct direction of movement of the working environment is provided.

When such a flywheel is rotated clockwise, the valve is always closed and the counterclockwise rotation ensures that the valve is opened. Each flywheel produced by VAG, has a secure fit, as well as the mandatory designation of convenient for the operating intermediate positions of the device.

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