Project Description

Length according to DIN F4
Body – ductile iron in epoxy coating
Wedge – ductile iron vulcanized with NBR on all sides
Pressure – PN10 / PN16
Diameter – 40mm-600mm

Short flange valve for gas is one of the most popular elements used in the gas transmission system. VAG EKO plus is a special valve for gas, which is equipped with a soft seal, convenient screw mounting cover, as well as a fairly short length. It is widely used in modern gas transportation system.

Well-designed and well-tested design with many innovative improvements, including sliding shoes made of high quality plastic at the wedge. This factor guarantees a fairly small torque, and even after many years of active operation.

This unit is widely used in gas pumping stations / gas storage facilities. It has a number of technical advantages over analogues:

  • Soft seal according to EN 13774 (DIN 3352 – 4A)
  • Construction length according to EN 558-1, row 14 (DIN 3202, F4)
  • With double-sided flange connection according to EN 1092-2
  • Low torque due to sliding plastic shoes at the wedge
  • Corrosion-resistant spindle seal requires no maintenance
  • With triple o-ring seal
  • Low wear due to wedge guides and long spindle support
  • Vacuum operation up to 90%
  • For gas according to DVGW-G 260 recommendations

Materials from which all parts of this unit are made:

  • Body: high-Strength cast iron with ball graphite EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40)
  • Cover: high-Strength cast iron with ball graphite EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40)
  • Wedge: high-Strength cast iron with ball graphite EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40), on all sides
  • Vulcanized NBR
  • Cover screws: Stainless steel. steel A2 (DIN EN ISO 3506)
  • Spindle: Stainless Steel. steel 1.4021
  • Spindle nut: Brass
  • Corrosion protection
  • Inside and outside epoxy coating according to GSK