Project Description

Top with square spindle/inner rectangular pipe – stainless steel
Protective casing – PE
Connecting flange – PE-F10

Non-freezing rod is designed for special installation of well construction fittings. A special original telescopic system makes it possible to adapt the device to any desired depth, and the features of the materials used do not allow the node to freeze, hence the name of the element.

This product is used for water supply systems, wastewater systems and other industrial sectors for quality pressure control.

Main technical characteristics and main advantages over analogues:

  • In case of a large depth of the pipe, two connected Rods with standard couplings are used
  • Connection of the second Rod is possible at any time, even after starting the pipeline
  • Installed and fixed without special tools
  • Pollution-proof connection between two rods
  • Adjustable in any position, self-locking
  • Protects the valve from vertical loads
  • Resistant to self-coupling
  • The casing, cap and cover are welded together, the connection is resistant to uncoupling
  • The transfer of forces substantially above the recommended DVGW GW336


  • Telescopic lock: stainless Steel. steel 1.4305
  • Coupling: high-Strength nodular cast iron EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40), hot-dip galvanized
  • Tetrahedral tip: high-Strength nodular cast iron EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40).