One of the main elements of the shut-off equipment is a steel gas valve. The regulating or locking element moves perpendicular to the axis of the gas flow. This type of valves are used in almost any process and transport gas pipelines, utilities, oil pipelines and water supply. The diameter of the valves varies from 15 to 2000 mm, the units operate at temperatures from-50 to + 50 degrees, the operating pressure is allowed within 25 MPa.

Vag eco plus valves regulate the flow of the working medium into the pipe. Depending on the technological tasks, the medium can be chemical, aqueous or gaseous. The valve can be operated either manually or by means of an electric drive.

Such shut-off equipment as valves has found wide distribution in gas pipelines, water pipelines, oil pipelines, housing and utilities systems, in the energy industry, etc.the company Rosgas was formed in St. Petersburg in 2010 and is engaged in the sale of gas supply units. For our customers constantly available fittings of the known global manufacturers, such as VAG and BOEHMER.

On a permanent basis, the following types of valves are implemented:

  • cast;
  • steel;
  • from alloy steel;
  • with rubber wedge;
  • gate;
  • with electric drive;
  • for oil and gas wells, as well as for thermal power plants.

All implemented equipment is certified according to European standards, produced on the most modern industrial equipment with the latest innovations. On the official website of the company you can get all the necessary information about any valves. Such manufacturers of valves as VAG and BOEHMER primarily care about the preservation of the environment. on the Internet resource you can order all the fittings you are interested in, as well as other equipment. All your questions will be given a professional, comprehensive answer. In the company care about every customer, that’s why when you work with them, we prefer individual approach.