The vag rotary valve is a round-shaped housing. The overlap of the passage occurs with the help of a rotary mechanism connected to the disk, which does not allow the medium to move. The mechanism can be controlled either manually or by an electric drive.

This kind of rotary valves is widespread, and they can be seen with almost the same frequency as the ball valves.

Wide distribution of products was promoted by the low price of production and simplicity of installation.

Advantages of rotary valves

Products of this format have a huge number of advantages. Due to the small size of the butterfly valve, it is very easy to mount and remove. Since the valves of the VAG are equipped with two seals, this contributes to the tightness of the connection mechanism with the pipe. A relatively simple mechanism and inexpensive materials used in the creation of the rotary shutter, allow them to be made at an affordable price. With the handle, which is equipped with each shutter, you can easily install the disc in the desired position, increasing or, conversely, reducing pressure and pressure.

The main drawback of the products lies in their design. Rotary valves are not fully passable (the disc is located inside the pipe), and this partially prevents the medium from moving through the pipe.

Methods of using rotary valves

Due to its versatility, such mechanisms are suitable for different spheres and types of pipes. Rotary valves are used in:

  • gas-pipes;
  • plumbings;
  • oil pipeline;
  • housing and utilities systems;
  • energy facilities and others.

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