Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

90 degree tap is one of the many types of fittings that are sold in our online store. They are used for polyethylene gas pipes.

Fittings for plastic pipes are different types of connections and transitions designed for connecting pipes made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as for connecting plastic pipes with metal (steel, cast iron) pipes and valves.

TermoBuilding company offers many types of fittings for plastic pipes.

PVC outlet is designed for the construction of a turn (branch) of the pipeline in the right direction and at the right angle, for this PVC outlet is available with a turn angle of 30, 45, 67 and 90 degrees. PVC branch is used in the construction of gas supply systems.

It should be noted that segment fittings are superior to similar cast products in terms of production speed and its cost. This is because the segment fittings are welded from the finished pipe. Therefore, it is possible to produce bends at different angles.

We are constantly on sale there are bends 90 degrees, and many other fittings needed both in industry and in the economic sector. Buying products from us, you will be sure that it is from a well-known manufacturer and of excellent quality.