Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 5 bar (gas)

Compact modern special product.

The main part of the PE-VP has a special open working special heating element designed for the most suitable optimal heat transfer, and also has the greatest depth of its direct coupling, as well as a particularly wide available welding zone, including the necessary special cold zone, which effectively prevents the possible leakage of a special molten mass at the main end and in a special transition area designed for welding without certain positioners.

But the most important steel part is always all-in-one, besides it is securely fixed from possible scrolling in the PE-VP.

A special self-Sealing not so long ago patented the original geometry of the seal completely without elastomeric sealing.

For effective and long-term use in the field of modern domestic and industrial gas supply.

Certified by DVGW, Reg.- Nr. DV-7501AU2256, DV-7501AU2257.