Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

This original Assembly is used for real adaptation to all pipe diameters in a given area with the FRIALEN FRIATOP clamping device. This is an original compact product made of PE-VP. It is a functional combination of a FRIALEN saddle and a FRIALEN ball valve for space-saving and cost-saving horizontal mounting, especially for milling.

It is used for convenient tapping into existing pipelines with pressure up to 10 bar (gas) and 16 bar (water) with the help of the tapping device. We recommend Hütz & Baumgarten. It has a special open heating element for optimal heat transfer. Certified by DVGW, reg. Nr. DG-8631AU2253 PE 100 SDR 11 Maximum permissible operating pressure 16 bar (water)/10 bar (gas).