Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

Many professionals gas workers at planned installation of the modern gas pipeline apply the special detail executed from polyethylene for the most possible reliable clogging.

Coupling plug-this is perhaps one of the most frequently and successfully used types of special modern fittings made of high quality and reliable material PE 100. This mass is pre-extruded into the intended mold for casting. After the above procedure, this element is pulled out of a special form and treated with the mechanical methods provided for this. All these processes are performed only on professional innovative specialized equipment.

About the installation of the fitting

During the installation of the coupler, the plugs can be used in two main ways. The ends of the specific pipe and the plug used above must be well aligned, then thoroughly cleaned. Then, with the help of a special heating element, the existing ends of the ends should be melted, after which the products can be connected by firmly pressing them together. Further, once there is full binding and subsequent cooling, the final hardening of the material, the result is completely robust connection capable of withstanding prolonged pressure is too high.

If the initial diameter of the plug does not coincide with the diameter of a particular pipe, then use a special electric welding. Thus, between the plug and the pipe set electric coupling, which contains a heating element.

Energized it melts, making sure that melts and necessary element of this clutch. Freezing, such a reliable connection will be extremely durable and reliable.

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