Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

Modern polyethylene fittings are fast, reliable, the most economical and expedient way to connect pipes intended for transportation of water and gas.

Electric coupling Without stop PE 100 SDR 11 is designed for reliable connection between polyethylene pipes with the same shaped parts. Successfully used in water supply systems and the gas sector. Low cost with a sufficiently high reliability-these are its distinctive features.


Couplings are usually used for high-quality pipe connection when laying pipelines.
In particular, additional areas of frequent use are:

  • Insert-pipe welding into existing pipe;
  • Connection to a special pipeline having support points or in confined conditions;
  • Strengthening or thickening of certain local damage to the pipe;
  • Reinforcement of pipes in areas exposed to clamping devices.

The special electric-welded coupling has an open special heating spiral, designed for heat transfer, without requiring special holders and special devices.