Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

This product is successfully used for excellent adaptation to all without exception pipe diameters in a specific area, and this happens with the help of a special clamping device type FRIALEN FRIATOP.

Small, compact product. Visually similar to the saddle, made of PE-VP with a special open heating element for the most optimal heat transfer. Transition PE-VP / red casting is the original all – in-one, and it is securely stalled in the PE-VP from the possibility of turning.

Designed for the connection of brass valves. Diameters vary in the range d 250-d 560, also welded standard method Top-Loading. Take into account the maximum allowable wall thickness of the pipe when tapping in the diameter range > d 315 – d 560.

If necessary, you have the opportunity to always consult with the manufacturer of the inset. As a complete, optimal solutions, it is recommended that the valve for the tapping of the pressure of the DAV-TL. The transient connection is certified by DVGW, reg. Nr. DV-7501AU2258. PE 100 SDR 11 Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)/10 bar (gas).