Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

The units are used for correct adaptation to all pipe diameters without exception in this area with the help of a special clamping device FRIALEN FRIATOP (see price list for devices and equipment FRIATOOLS). It is used for tapping into existing pipelines with a pressure of not more than 10 bar (gas) and 16 bar (water) without leaks and even without the possible formation of chips.

It has a special integrated cutter with mandatory upper / lower stop, moving on a special metal sleeve. The open heating element is designed for the most optimal heat transfer. Plugs have a mandatory internal sealing ring. Add-flush fixture brew.

A pressure test of the pipe-outlet on the side of the valve using a special adapter will not interfere with the insertion before. The length of the output pipe of this device is designed for only two welds.