Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 7 bar (gas)

The adapter is designed with a special axial power circuit.

It is designed to switch off some tubes from different materials such as (steel, cast iron, tubes of special malleable cast iron, asbestos cement, PVC, PE-VP) PE-VP underground. There is no need for a thrust sleeve. The branch pipe is made of PE100, SDR11.

But the body parts consist of a special ductile iron (GGG40), corrosion protection Rilsan. The screws and nuts used are made of high quality stainless steel.

A sound capture system for almost all types of materials: for example, a segment of an existing holder is made of acetal, but the segment of the capture of acephala with special corundum coating.

  • The maximum permissible diameter tolerance is 44 mm.
  • Axial power circuit for water: ≤ DN 150 PN 16, > DN 150 PN 10
  • Axial force closure for gas: PN 4
  • When the transition crimp one side of the PE-VP special pipe, requires a special inner bearing sleeve of the type of SHVA.

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