Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

PE-VP part with special end for welding – MB and UB type couplings without special holders and fixtures. The steel part is all-in-one and securely fastened from unauthorized scrolling in the PE-VP.

Self-sealing patented sealing geometry without elastomeric sealing. A small amount of insulation due to the applied protective tube. Steel pipe with marking (for gas pressure up to 10 bar).

These adapters are designed to perform transitions from steel products to high-density polyethylene products, as well as Vice versa.

Features of work:

  • The connection of the adapter takes place by means of the method of electric arc welding.
  • Tightness of welding is provided by the use of a special coupling.
  • The work carried out on the connected part of the available conductor is carried out without any special mounts and supports.
  • There is a special bar code, which makes it possible to further track this structural element.
  • Here you can buy an adapter PE-VP/steel (pipe-fitting), which will help you solve the problems of connecting pipelines from different materials.