Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 5 bar (gas)

Compact modern product.

The specially designed part of the PE-VP has a completely open special heating element designed for optimal heat transfer, also a large depth of the required pairing process, as well as a particularly wide area of the welding site, as well as the necessary cold zone, effectively and in a timely manner preventing the flow of a special composition of the molten mass at the existing end and in the transition area, for welding completely without positioners.

The rest of the part is completely unbreakable, and besides, it is constantly securely fastened from possible scrolling in the PE-VP.

There is a self-Sealing patented sealing geometry without a specially designed elastomeric seal.

For successful and optimal application in the field of gas supply.

Certified by DVGW, Reg.- Nr. DV-7501AU2256, DV-7501AU2257.