Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

In this case, it is an original electric welded P / e special fitting with functional special several embedded heaters, which usually have a specific type of so-called saddle lining with the original branch pipe.

The element is specifically designed for rapid and very strong attachment, for example, any small diameter pipe to the mounted pipeline, which has a much larger diameter, but this occurs absolutely without its partial or complete mandatory cutting process.

This specific heating element has the appearance of a kind of spiral, and it is usually located on the lower surface of the node.

This node is always mounted directly in the active process of any construction. Well, before the very action of fastening this pipe is primarily attached to the pipeline first larger diameter, and this happens with the help of a specialized part, which is not always included in the package – a specialized positioner.

At the moment when the welding process is carried out and came to an end, and directly the larger diameter pipeline has already cooled from the high temperature, just at the moment there is a main connection of the pipe directly to the prepared branch pipe. The welding process itself is carried out with the help of a special device designed for a special modern electrofusion welding.

By the way, left by the manufacturer on a similar nozzle-pad special bar code to any worker makes it possible to determine the only correct in this case, the mode of welding. In addition, the pipe is strictly designed exclusively for modern installation with the help of original couplings.