Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

This unit serves for reliable tapping into existing pipelines with a certain pressure up to 10 bar (gas) and 16 bar (water), and without leaks and without any chip formation. It has a special integrated cutter with top / bottom stop.

There is also only an open heating element designed for optimal heat transfer. And its plug-plugs have an original inner sealing ring.

In turn, the superstructure of the mortise device-brewed (D1 63 and 75 = MV d 40; D1 ≥ d 90 = K). It should be noted that it is possible to carry out a pressure test of the pipeline-outlet from the side of the valve with the use of an adapter before tapping.

The original compact product is made of PE-VP threaded connections. Drive spindle made of alloy steel 1.4305. No additional insulation is required. The product is used for tapping into existing pipelines with pressure up to 10 bar (gas) and 16 bar (water) without leaks and without chip formation.

Ease of use is that the shut-off valve does not require maintenance. The length of the outlet pipe is designed for 2 welding. Certified by DVGW, reg. Nr. DV-6611AU2254 and DV – 6611AU2255. PE 100 SDR 11 Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)/10 bar (gas).