Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

Reduction coupling electric welded polyethylene-a special polyethylene fittings PE100, which are equipped with a special built-in heating element (otherwise called embedded heaters).

Such units are designed for reliable transitions to a larger or smaller diameter for various purposes pipelines of modern polyethylene pipes.
By means of such electrically welded tube reducing couplings today it is possible to weld various pipes of different diameter, but also different thicknesses and from different brands of used polyethylene (PE100, PE80).

For the installation of special electric couplings requires a certain device for electrofusion welding with a scanner special for the bar code. Before the final installation of the electric coupling on the original polyethylene pipe, from the pipe at the site of contact with the electrospiral, it is necessary to remove the oxide layer.

Reduction coupling electric, designed for polyethylene pipes

Welding of special electro-welded couplings are recommended for:

  • installation of polyethylene pipes with wall thickness less than 5 mm;
  • for special installation of gas pipelines from special polyethylene pipes;
  • for installation of modern high-pressure pipelines only, for example, special fire pipelines;
  • for quality repair and installation of pipelines in cramped conditions.