Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

Repair cover – plug is in many cases used for good adaptation to many working pipes of almost any possible diameter.

Fastening of this element is usually made using a special device. This so-called PE-VP saddle, which is directly designed to repair minor damage to various pipelines operated. Note the fact that such work from the damaged area is completely absent even in minimal quantities the output of the working environment.

You should also pay attention to the fact that the site has original outdoor heating element, which originally is designed for optimum heat transfer.

What are the applications of this element:

It is successfully used for small repairs, while preventing the exit of the working environment, which is currently transported through the pipeline.

The most convincing arguments for the application of this part:

  • small design size;
  • there is a special functional spiral;
  • directly the area of the plug itself is devoid of any non-heating elements;
  • there is a fairly wide and comfortable area for carrying out the welding process;

VSC-TL is considered to be a universal part, so it is also intended for very large diameters of PE-VP pipes, for example-d 250-560.

This fact testifies to the special additional efficiency of this practical and convenient in all respects unit, as due to the very small material consumption of such products, besides a significant reduction in inventory during mandatory transportation, as well as supply and subsequent trade.