Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

Compact small piece of PE-EP. This is an original innovative combination of FRIALEN-saddle and FRIALEN-that is, a special ball valve for saving space and cost of horizontal mounting, that is, especially for milling. The product is used for tapping into long-standing pipelines with a maximum pressure of 10 bar (gas) and 16 bar (water) with the help of a device for tapping.

It has an open heating element for optimal heat transfer. Diameters in the range d 250-d 560 are welded as standard by the Top-Loading method. Take into account the maximum allowable wall thickness of the pipe when tapping in the diameter range d 315 – d 560.

If necessary, consult the manufacturer of the inset. Certified by DVGW, reg. Nr. DG-8631AU2253. PE 100 SDR 11 Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)/10 bar (gas).