Project Description

Maximum allowable working pressure 10 bar (gas)

This element is usually used for the correct adaptation to all diameters of the SDR 17 pipes in a given plan area with a special clamping device FRIALEN FRIATOP (see price list for original devices and equipment FRIATOOLS). Thus, the drive spindle of this product is made of alloy steel 1.4305.

No isolation is required for this node. He also successfully used for tapping into existing pipelines with pressure up to 10bar (water) without leakage and without education, all sorts of chips. It also has a special integrated cutter with upper / lower stop, moving on a specially designed metal sleeve.

There is an open heating element for its optimal heat transfer. The shut-off valve is maintenance – free and is controlled by a rod (e.g. FRIALEN – EBS). The length of the outlet pipe is designed for 2 welding. PE 100 SDR 11 Maximum working pressure 16 bar (water)/10 bar (gas).