Project Description

Fire-safe performance according to API 6 FA / API 607
Balls are mounted in trunnions
Spring-loaded landing rings
Full bore
Diameters – 25mm – 1 400mm
Pressure – PN16
Connection: ends for welding (possibly flange, under the order)

The boehmer ball valve has a welded body, and absolutely meets international quality requirements and standards. Their design provides reliability and fire resistance of the unit.

Design features of such cranes

The special design of the ball valves manufactured by boehmer has a standard passage of 3 inches, as well as special reinforced trunnions of the existing bearing support. Also in special seats are bearings that are self-lubricating.

There is a complete absence of electrostatic charge. A reliable seal directly to the shaft of the shift mechanism. Also, at the request of the customer, it is possible to make an emergency seal for cases of occurrence and elimination of possible emergencies.

Features of the design of such cranes is to equip their landing spring-loaded rings. Due to this, a fast and reliable cut-off of the passing medium occurs.

Where are the products used?

  • for oil, gas and product pipelines;
  • for special compressor stations;
  • for modern gas storage facilities;
  • for work systems in the oil and gas industry;
  • for liquefied gas pumping units;
  • for special offshore oil platforms;
  • in modern shipbuilding;
  • in some thermal as well as steam power plants.

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Having begun the activity in 2010, since then we constantly work on modernization of all made knots of gas supply, and also we are representation of the largest world producers of similar products. Working with us is always mutually beneficial and promising.