Project Description

Fire-safe performance according to API 6 FA / API 607
Balls are mounted in trunnions
Spring-loaded landing rings
Full bore
Diameters – 25mm – 1 400mm
Pressure – PN25/40
Connection: ends for welding (possibly flange, under the order)

Boehmer ball valves with welded body are 100% compliant with international standards. They provide high fire resistance, they are clearly observed conditional standard nominal passage. In the design of the product there is a self-lubricating bearings, capable especially at ultra-high pressures to provide a sufficiently low switching torque.

Design features of the product:

  • fully welded body, i.e. not only fittings, but also the body are welded into a single unit
  • the applied bearings do not require maintenance
  • complete absence of electrostatic charge
  • spring-loaded landing rings
  • system ” Double Block and Bleed”
  • special flange or welded connections
  • fully passable partially passable
  • quality seal “soft on soft” or ” metal on metal”
  • sealed switching mechanism
  • balls are installed in special pins
  • interchangeable seals of the main switching mechanism at maximum pressure in the “Open” or “Closed”position.