Project Description

Fully welded case, i.e. fittings and housing are welded together
Design in accordance with API 6D, API6GA, BS6755 and NAGE 01-75 (latest edition)
Fire-safe performance according to API 6 FA / API 607
Balls are mounted in trunnions
Spring – loaded landing rings
Full bore
Diameters – 25mm-300mm
Pressure – PN420
Connection: ends for welding (possibly flange, under the order)

The special design of the original Boehmer ball valves has a conditional passage, that is, the inner diameter of 3 inches and reinforced axle bearing support. All seats are equipped with special self-lubricating bearings that reliably provide a sufficiently low switching torque. But the direct shaft seal of the original switching mechanism is usually provided by several sealing systems, independent of each other, the design of which completely eliminates the transmission of gases through the switching mechanism. Therefore, all three seals in the “closed” or “open” position can be easily replaced even at maximum pressure.


  • balls are installed in special pins
  • fully welded body
  • there is a spring loaded Seating rings
  • flange or special welded joints
  • sealed convenient switching mechanism
  • seal “soft to soft” or “metal to metal”
  • the absence of electrostatic charge
  • system ” Double Block and Bleed”
  • interchangeable seals of the switching mechanism at maximum pressure in the “Open” or “Closed” position”
  • the bearings require absolutely no maintenance.