Project Description

L-shaped ground input 32×25-affordable and practical solution from the company”TermoBuilding”

Great for connecting to the gas network of private and low-rise apartment buildings, small public facilities.

Products with the ratio of the diameters 63х57 and 32х25 are produced by cold bending of pipes without welding, so they are more stable and durable.

The steel sleeve is covered with an anti-corrosion polymer composition, which also protects the pipe from mechanical damage. Transition PE-steel (NSPs) is located in the underground part of the structure, which allows to isolate it from external influences.

The product is suitable for use in systems with low, medium and high pressure (from 0.5 to 1.6 MPa). Allowed temperature below 15-20oC.

In production only the high ‒ quality materials which passed certification of GOST-polyethylene of the PE 80 and PE 100 brands, carbon and stainless steel are used. In the manufacture respects the strict compliance of the 2248-006-26704661-2011 the 2248-001-26704661-2007.