Project Description

“g-shaped” basement inputs are installed in the place of the exit of the pipeline from the ground at residential buildings, as well as at the PIU and UGSH.

The design feature of the “L-shaped” ground input is the location of the all-in-one polyethylene-steel connection in the horizontal part of the product. This prevents the freezing of the polyethylene part of the product and allows you to install “L-shaped” ground inputs in climatic zones, with a temperature regime below 15 degrees C.

Ground input g shaped-a special construction device, through which there is a constant transportation of conventional pipeline gas, located directly in the underground pipeline, passing into the above-ground segment of the gas pipeline system.

Almost all available bases designed for the location of the gas pipeline-input have in their original design a special polyethylene transition. We are engaged in delivery of the best products from the known producers of socle inputs of various design, and we know a lot about it. Here you can order high quality PE/steel type base inputs.

Part design (L-shaped ground input) some features:

  • the length of the standard horizontal arm product and its height are selected directly by the customer;
  • transition special “steel-polyethylene” is located exclusively in the underground part of the working cap;
  • in the upper part, meanwhile, is a special design transition ” polyethylene-steel»;
  • on the more straight vertical arm there is also a special section without any insulation, designed for strong welding of the gas pipeline input;
  • it is also possible to complete a special case with special plugs-centralizers.

Input L-shaped has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • the complete absence of the need for any further finishing work, as well as mandatory for other products radiographic special control, including the cost of enlightenment (no welded joint), as well as the use of IC due to its original reliable professional electrical insulation and excellent alignment;
  • there is excellent waterproofing;

Usually gas supply of all houses is carried out with the help of natural gas of low pressure. Implementation of the competent input of the gas pipeline in any structure occurs through a special ground input. Bent (“gander” or G – shaped) ground input is the best-of insulated steel pipe.