Project Description

Ground input 32×32, L-shaped-technological, practical and profitable way to connect the object of consumption (its ground part) to the gas supply network.

Recommended “TermoBuilding” for use in homes and industrial stations in small and medium scale. It can also be used at gas control points.

Transition type NSPs (all-in-one connection polyethylene-steel) is located in the lower “shoulder”, so as not to be subjected to loads and environmental influences.

The height and length of the segments may vary depending on the characteristics of the object. The permissible level of load on the network-1.6 MPa. The temperature mode can allow marks up to-40oC.

The entire length of the inlet is protected by a case based on extruded polyethylene, which significantly reduces the risk of corrosion and mechanical damage. The case also has a thermal insulation function.

Products are manufactured in accordance with TU 2248-006-26704661-2011 and
TU 2248-001-26704661-2007. All materials used in the manufacture are certified according to GOST quality and safety standards.

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