Project Description

“i-shaped” socle inputs are installed at the outlet of the pipeline from the ground at residential buildings, as well as at hydraulic fracturing and UGSH.

The design feature of this ground input is the location of the all-in-one polyethylene-steel connection in the vertical part of the product. This allows the use of” i-shaped ” ground inputs in almost all types of soils.

The ground input of the i-beam is just one of the three possible types of such modern inputs. Its main feature is the installation of a connection of strong steel and flexible polyethylene in the vertical Department of the equipment.

Its use is effective on all possible soils. The product is placed in a special case for safety.

So, what are the gas basement inputs of a special i-type.

Ease of use is. That this type can be effectively used even at temperatures less than 15 degrees Celsius. It connects to the pipeline coming out of the ground. It is used for constant reliable supply of natural gas, and, different pressure.