Project Description

L-shaped ground input 63×57 ‒ one of the most popular sizes, widely used in the construction of Russian communication networks. Always available in the company “TermoBuilding”!

This type of input is suitable for installation on the lines of gas pipelines of almost all types: urban, inter-quarter, inter-settlement, etc.objects of connection can be both residential buildings and industrial complexes. Similar ground inputs are also used at gas control points.

Inputs with the ratio of the diameters 63х57 and 32х25 are manufactured without welding ‒ used method of cold bending pipe. The transition of PE-steel is carried out by means of an all-in-one NSPs connection. The transition unit is located in the horizontal part of the product, located underground, which allows to protect the joint from climatic and temperature influences, as well as mechanical damage. The outer part of the pipe is also protected by insulation based on extruded polyethylene.

The product is suitable for use in systems with low, medium and high pressure (from 0.5 to 1.6 MPa). Allowed temperature below 20oC.

The height of the vertical and the length of the horizontal arm may vary depending on the requirements of the project.