Project Description

“Direct” ground inputs are installed at the point of exit of the pipeline from the ground at residential buildings.

Gas supply of modern residential buildings is almost always carried out by low-pressure gas. And input of the mounted gas pipeline in any premises from the laid underground gas pipeline is always carried out by means of special socle input. Thus, the direction of this necessary input must necessarily provide the shortest way for gas to enter the desired part of the house.

Ground input of the new sample is a kind of practical and all-in-one connection of polyethylene and steel pipes, and is intended for the transition of the external underground gas pipeline in the above-ground position at the building. Such an all-in-one connection is made in a steel case for reliable protection of the ground input from all kinds of damage.

In our case, the input ground with the free bending of plastic pipe.

The design feature of this particular basement inlet is the free bending of the lower part of the basement inlet – a gas polyethylene pipe located in a special flexible case.

The all-in-one connection in this product is located in the vertical part and protected by a steel case.

“Direct” ground inputs are installed in the place of the direct exit of the gas pipeline from the ground in almost all residential buildings.